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Craft Beer Tasting! - 10th June, 7:00pm - Woburn

Craft Beer Tasting! - 10th June, 7:00pm - Woburn

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Well this is a first! We did a couple of very successful beer tastings on Zoom during lockdown, so thought we'd give an in-store one a go - and because we don't have to send whole cans/btls out, we can taste through a larger range than on Zoom! So, everything from Blonde's to Stouts, local to far-away, come and taste this seasons best in craft beer!

All tastings start at 7:00pm. Each tasting lasts approx. 2 hrs and is served with sharing cheese boards and nibbles.

Location: The Wine Cellar - Woburn

Price: £25 per person

Please note that you may be sitting on a shared table with others. In the unlikely event of a change in rules we will be in touch and in the event that we are unable to run the tastings due to COVID we will refund where necessary.

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