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Doe & Fawn Coffee - Ethiopia: Telila Honey 250g

Doe & Fawn Coffee - Ethiopia: Telila Honey 250g

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Farming Practices:

Producer, Mike Mamo, has delivered an exceptional example of a honey processed coffee in this lot. In the cup you’ll experience floral aromas, balanced acidity and perfect sweetness with notes of Jasmine, Citrus, Red Berries and Honey.

  • Name: Telila Honey
  • Origin: Telila, Ethiopia
  • Variety: JARC 74112
  • Process: Honey
  • Elevation: 2000 MASL

We are exceptionally proud to be bringing you this lot from Mike Mamo and the team at Telila CWS. This is only the second year of production for this Washing Station. Unlike almost all other producer s in Ethiopia, Telila lots are built based on cherry delivered on a given day. Mike
and his team are meticulous with their quality control, even storing their parchment coffee in sealed bags – a first for Ethiopia that required governmental approval. For every lb of coffee we purchased from Telila, Osito Coffee has made a $0.10 donation to the Kacho Tulla
Primary School in the village of Kecho Anderacha.

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