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Doe & Fawn Coffee - KOMOREBI 250g

Doe & Fawn Coffee - KOMOREBI 250g

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Komorebi 木漏れ日

The space between the canopy and branches allows sunlight to gently filter through. In Japan, the dappled light this creates is called komorebi (pronounced koh-mo-reh-bee) and is made up of the kanji characters for tree (木), shine through (漏れ), and sun (日).

Komorebi is our homage to a traditional, darker roast. We’ve taken this delicious Brazilian Cocatrel Cooperative as close to second crack as we dare while avoiding bitterness that is typical of dark roasting. The result is a sweet coffee with tons of silky body and notes of Dark Chocolate, Treacleand Walnut.

Origin: Brazil

Variety: Mixed

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1200 MASL

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