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Flint Vineyard, Charmat Rose

Flint Vineyard, Charmat Rose

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Country: UK

Region: Norfolk

Grape: Solaris, Cabernet Cortis, Reichensteiner, and Rondo

Style: Modern and Fruity Sparkling

Food Pairing: Apertif

Farming Practices: Standard

The first English producer to begin to make wine using the Charmat method, which is now becoming widely recognised as a style that is very much suited to our climate.  Initially it was a bit of an experiment, but Ben seems to have stumbled upon a winning recipe, predominantly using four intensely aromatic German grape varieties (Solaris, Reichenstiner, Cabernet Cortis and Rondo). They are all pressed very gently immediately after picking and fermented with aromatic yeast strains. A small portion of the wine is then aged in oak barrels and then Ben stirs the lees (yeast sediment) every week to encourage texture and complexity not normally found in Prosecco style wines.

On the palate it is crisp and crunch and still full of red fruits. It is both easy drinking yet structured and serious enough to make a fine apéritif. Sassy, summery and fun. We hope you enjoy it!

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