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Les Clos Maurice, 'Volage' Saumur Champigny

Les Clos Maurice, 'Volage' Saumur Champigny

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Country: France

Region: Loire

Grape: Cabernet Franc

Style: Light & Fresh Red

Food Pairing: Chicken and turkey and Game birds and pork

Farming Practices: Certified Organic and Vegetarian

20% off any mixed case of six (or more) wines

This cuvee on red fruit comes from the Cabernet Franc grape variety.
The terroir is diversified, we go from the silty sands of the Thouet valley, to more or less deep clays and several alterations of Tuffeau.
Drinkable and fresh, Volage is easy to drink and goes very well with moments of conviviality when wine is the bond of the evening. This organic and biodynamic cuvee will surprise you.

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