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Barbadillo Amontillado (Medium) Sherry

Barbadillo Amontillado (Medium) Sherry

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Country: Spain

Region: Jerez

Grape: Palomino Fino

Style: Fortified Wines

Food Pairing: Fruit desserts

Farming Practices: Standard

 This is a blended wine, carefully made from a combination of wines that have been subject
to biological and oxidative ageing. After the harvest, the fermented Palomino wine is aged in oak. Biological ageing takes place under a film of flor yeast during a phase known as sobretablas. Oxidative ageing is a result of the action of oxygen inside old American oak sherry cask and the traditional, yet dynamic system of criaderas and soleras. Oxidative ageing is the predominant process in the production of this wine and consequently defines its character.

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