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Saxby’s Christmas Cheer 20cl

Saxby’s Christmas Cheer 20cl

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Saxby’s Christmas Cheer is a cider-based liqueur which is like a mince pie in a glass. At 16.5% ABV it’s a warming Christmas drink that complements Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake and cheese. A real winter warmer for sipping and celebrating.

”Yes, it's redolent of mince pies on nose and palate, but happily has an intrinsic lightness and enough apple acidity to cut through the liquorous sweetness. Indeed, it would accompany mince pies and a coffee rather well, a lighter option than rich ports or PX sherry, easier on the constitution. As a sipper it's nicely balanced, with some pleasing cider tannins again cutting through the sugar. There's ample appliness, at an almost juicy level - really rather clever, and readily enjoyable.”

”Beautiful rich deep orange colour suggestive of saffron fields. On the nose, damp straw, wet hay with dried milk thistle leaves and baked apple, candied peel and brandy butter. Sweet but with a good balance of acidity and length. A lovely delicate aperitif that we feel would work with pâté.”
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