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Calmel & Joseph, Ams Tram Gram 'Pomone' Orange Wine

Calmel & Joseph, Ams Tram Gram 'Pomone' Orange Wine

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Country: France

Region: IGP/Vin de France

Grape: Roussanne, Marsanne, and Terret Gris

Style: Orange Wine

Food Pairing: Apertif, Fish and shellfish, and Chicken and turkey

Farming Practices: Certified Organic and Low Sulphur

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With its lovely pale orange colour with flashes of yellow, this wine is characterised by the freshness of its aromas, rarely found in this type of skin contact wine, with almond and quince followed up by more mineral, flinty notes. Not overly tannic in the mouth, but well balanced and elegant, with luscious quince, sorb-apples and pear, and berry fruit such as arbutus and sloes on the finish. Its overall harmony and balance mark this out as a gastronomic wine, destined to accompany food. The architecture of the blend promises superb evolution in bottle, with the complexification of aromas built on superb bitter and nutty, oxidative notes. We were completely won over by the result of this first vinification and this wine that we are certain holds many great things in store for us in the future.

Jancis (01/08/22):
"It is certainly orange! Fresh papaya and grapefruit and lime, with a playful wobble of clementine-flavoured jelly and a touch of candied citrus peel. Not at all tannic, although there is a very slight chalkiness in the texture. Dry but full of fruit. The balance of acidity, bitterness and fruit is just right. This is a perfect gateway orange wine. It may be too tame for amber aficionados, but perfect for neophytes." Score 16/20.

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