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Bucks Star Beer 'Evolve' Unfiltered Lager 330ml, 5%

Bucks Star Beer 'Evolve' Unfiltered Lager 330ml, 5%

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Country: UK

Region: Buckinghamshire



Food Pairing:

Farming Practices: Vegetarian, Vegan, and Natural

Bucks Star Beer is an ecological microbrewery based in Buckinghamshire, brewing live unfiltered beers using organic grains & no added sugars. All their beers are vegan-friendly. Bucks Star’s tripartite philosophy focuses on ecology, health and the local community.

A rare unfiltered and unpasteurised Lager, Bucks Star’s Evolve Lager tastes like no other lager, refreshingly light but flavoursome with a mild hop taste and aroma and an abv of 5%.

Contains: barley, wheat & oats.

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