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Doe & Fawn Coffee - BRAZIL: JOSE DELPUPO 250g

Doe & Fawn Coffee - BRAZIL: JOSE DELPUPO 250g

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Farming Practices:

Sweet, Chocolatey and Nutty, all the wonderful flavours we have grown to expect from a pulped natural Brazil. There’s plenty going on in the cup as filter but excels in espresso-based drinks. Expect notes of Milk Chocolate, Almond and Baked Apple.


Origin: Espirito Santo, Brazil

Variety: Red & Yellow Catuaí

Process: Pulped Natural

Elevation: 850 masl

Sweetness: 8

Acidity: 5

Body: 7


Jose Rodolfo is just 36 years old and has been working in farming with his father George for his whole life. Unlike many other producers in the area, they have been growing and focusing on specialty coffee for over 20 years. They bought their first depulper in the year 2000 and from there have gone on to make many investments in the farm. The family farms over 20 hectares of coffee and produces around 700 bags of coffee per year.

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