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Flint Vineyard, Bacchus

Flint Vineyard, Bacchus

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Country: UK

Region: Norfolk

Grape: Bacchus

Style: Crisp & Zippy White

Food Pairing: Fish and shellfish and Cheeses

Farming Practices: Standard

The Bacchus is bright and fresh on the nose and jumps out of the glass with sherberty elderflower aromas. There is lime peel, cut grass and lavender in there too which reflect the detailed blending and multiple winemaking techniques that have been carefully applied to produce this wine. The pallet is crisp but not too acidic with a lovely balance of sweetness from a small amount of residual sugar and the natural flavours of the grape variety.

This wine can be drunk now and enjoyed on a hot Summer’s day or paired with foods such as chalky cheeses, seafood (fish and chips works well!) and asparagus.
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