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G&W Private Stock Kentuky Sour Mash Bourbon

G&W Private Stock Kentuky Sour Mash Bourbon

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Country: USA




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Gooderham & Worts was a distillery owned by Hiram Walker in Canada.  Being as Gooderham and Worts was quite a mouthful, they used “G&W” to identify the brand.  From the mid-1900s their tag lines included: G&W means Good Whiskey / Good-bye Worries!  Laird and Company had a long standing relationship with Hiram Walker and purchased the G&W trade mark from them in the 1970s.    Today they purchase bourbon barrel fillings from a well-established Kentucky distillery and bottle on site at their facility in New Jersey under the G&W brand.   

For decades, Laird & Company has filled new American charred oak barrels for our G&W Private Stock Straight Kentucky Bourbon.  We use 72% Corn with Malted Barley and Rye for the rest in equal proportions.  The unaged whiskey comes off of a column still at 60% alcohol and is aged for a minimum of three years, although the batch recently sent to you is all minimum four years aged.  We rectify the Bourbon in our New Jersey facility and reduce the alcohol to 40% ABV.


Tasting Notes: Nose: Baked Sweet Apple Pie, white pepper, cloves and nutmeg Palate: Harmonious butterscotch, vanilla & sweet tannins. Finish: Vanilla and spices.

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