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Barbadillo, Fino Sherry

Barbadillo, Fino Sherry

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Country: Spain

Region: Jerez

Grape: Palomino Fino

Style: Fortified Wines

Food Pairing: Apertif, Fish and shellfish, and Spicy sauces

Farming Practices: Standard

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Once the fermentation of the Palomino must has finished, the most delicate of the wines are chosen and are fortified with a wine-based distilled spirit to bring the alcohol content up to 15% vol. The result is known as sobretablas, and this wine is destined for ageing in typical Jerez casks of 500 litres where it will develop a cream, or veil, on the surface called the flor.

Barbadillo Fino Sherry is straw yellow in colour. The classic fino aromas are revealed on the nose: nuts, olives and the evocative suggestion of a patient ageing process. In the mouth it is sharp and exhibits full body and perfect balance.

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