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Taltarni, 'Tache' Rose, Victoria, Australia, 2015

Taltarni, 'Tache' Rose, Victoria, Australia, 2015

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Country: Australia

Region: Pyrenees, Victoria

Grape: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier

Style: Modern and Fruity Sparkling

Food Pairing: Apertif, Fish and shellfish, and Chicken and turkey

Farming Practices: Standard

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Style: Tache is the French word for 'stained'. When disgorged, Taltarni Tache is stained with red wine, imparting its unique flavour and elegant salmon colour.

Tasting Notes: A full-bodied Sparkling Rose that is finely balanced, this wine reflects the low yielding aged vines from which it was harvested. With rich red fruit flavours and varietal earthy tones, this wine lingers on the palate with soft round tannins.

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